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     We at Painted Ridge Farms truly believe in the success and operation of a small, quality horse business. Our love and passion for horses has been engrained from the beginnings of our lives, and no force on the earth could remove it from our hearts. We started Painted Ridge Farms with the idea of immense quality in a small breeding operation, paying attention to the small details that really matter. We love, respect, and nurture each animal, while teaching them proper discipline and providing superior care.

I, Kathy, the founder of Painted Ridge Farms, began my life on numerous Thoroughbred farms, learning the ways of my father, Earl, who trained thoroughbreds for a living. The love of equines has been stamped upon my heart since those early years, and shall never be removed. I began to purchase a few quality Paints and Quarter horses, maintaining the utmost respect to all other breeds encountered along the way, and started a family, as well as a legacy. Now my daughter Olivia, works alongside me in hopes of continuing the family tradition of attention to horsemanship and quality stock. Together we have produced qulity AQHA and APHA horses, ready to face the trail, the show pen, and the world. Recently, due to the condition of the market, we have shifted from producing several foals each year, to focus on enjoying the horses we have and occasionally taking on a project here and there. Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding our horses and our operation. We welcome visits by interested breeders and/or buyers.

Please see the navigational buttons at the top for access to each individual page. If you see a horse that is not listed as for sale and would like to make a reasonable offer, please feel free to email us regarding that individual.

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Painted Ridge Farms
Springfield, Kentucky
Kat's Cell (859) 481-3286
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AQHA Perlino Stallion SOLD - TWO EYED ZIPINREVIEW Two Eyed Red Buck SOLD AQHA Perlino Quarterhorse Stallion by son of the great Pitzer Ranch bred/branded Two Eyed Red Buck (by Mr Baron Red - AQHA Superhorse!). This Perlino is also a grandson of the great Impressive Review and a great grandson of Zippo Pine Bar! 100% Guaranteed Dilute foals. (Palomino / Buckskin / Smoky Black) SOLD AQHA PERLINO STALLION We are very thankful for this future stallion. He is a Perlino - Double Dilute (Homozygous for cream dilution gene) he has wonderful quarterhorse bloodlines with much potential. His sire is a 16hh buckskin stallion, bred and branded by the Pitzer Ranch. A son of AQHA Champion, Two Eyed Red Buck and a grandson of AQHA Superhorse - Mr Baron Red, and Jack Eyed. He's also a great grandson of Red Baron Bell, Two Eyed Patti, Harlan's Tyree, Two Eyed Jack, Ready Now and other point earners. His dam has AQHA points (halter and performance) and PHBA points. She is an own daughter of Impressive Review and a granddaughter of Pretty Impressive and Zippo Pine Bar! She is also a great granddaughter of Impressive, Skip A Barb, Taffy Blanton, Zippo Pat Bars, Dollie Pine, Buckeye 3 Bars... TWO EYED ZIPINREVIEW is HYPP N/N. SOLD THANK YOU! Painted Ridge Farms, Kentucky Two Eyed Zipinreview is headed to Painted Ridge Farms in Kentucky where he will be trained, shown and stand at stud. We are looking forward to updates on his career and progeny. Contact Us Praise HIM in all things! You need Javascript enabled to view these blessings. Bible Study Aids AQHA Perlino Quarterhorse Stallion This AQHA Perlino Quarter Horse Stallion is color tested through UC Davis as a Double Dilute - Homozygous Cream: Ee Aa Cr Two Eyed Zipinreview will produce Palominos, Buckskins, and Smoky Blacks as well as Cremellos, Perlinos and Smoky Creams. (Always remember, if your mare is gray, the foal may turn gray as well, but will still carry a cream gene from this stallion.) To see the 4 generation AQHA performance pedigree : TWO EYED ZIPPINREVIEW - 4 generation AQHA performance pedigree page - click here Pedigree Research for TWO EYED ZIPINREVIEW - AQHA Perlino Quarterhorse Stallion grandson of Two Eyed Red Buck and Impressive Review Pedigree for TWO EYED ZIPPINREVIEW Foaled 3-26-2005 AQHA PERLINO QUARTERHORSE STALLION SMART TWO EYED 96.48% FQHA -16hh -buckskin - Pitzer Ranch branded. Unshown. TWO EYED RED BUCK (AQHA 29.5 HLT, 249.5 Perf Pts.; AQHA Champion ) MR BARON RED (AQHA 43 HLT, 298 Perf Pts.; AQHA Champion, AQHA SUPERHORSE '83, NCHA $) RED BARON BELL (AQHA 66 HLT, 17 Perf Pts.; AQHA Champion x BARON BELL (AQHA 163HLT, 31 Perf Pts.) & QUEEN VALLERINA (AQHA 7 HLT Pts) x TWO EYED JACK (AQHA 217 HLT, 65.5 Perf Pts.; SUP HLT, Perf ROM, AQHA Champion. AQHA HALL OF FAME) *THE #1 All time leading sire of AQHA Champions TWO EYED PATTI (AQHA 16 HLT, 163 Perf Pts.; AQHA Champion, AQHA World Champion HD, HL) x TWO EYED JACK (AQHA 217 HLT, 65.5 Perf Pts.; SUP HLT, Perf ROM, AQHA Champion. AQHA HALL OF FAME) *THE #1 All time leading sire of AQHA Champions IMA TYREE Unshown, dam of 16 earners HARLAN'S TYREE (AQHA 99 HLT, 73 Perf Pts.; AQHA Champion x HARLAN x HANK H x KING IMA McKEE (AQHA 2 HLT Pts) JILL EYED JACK granddaughter of the great Two Eyed Jack - this mare was Pitzer Ranch owned until their 2005 fall sale... and she is double bred Two Eyed Jack JACK EYED (AQHA 91 HLT, 74 Perf Pts.; AQHA SUP HLT, AQHA SUP WP, AQHA Champion TWO EYED JACK AQHA 217 HLT, 65.5 Perf Pts.; SUP HLT, Perf ROM, AQHA Champion. AQHA HALL OF FAME *THE #1 All time leading sire of AQHA Champions READY NOW (AQHA 31 HLT Pts.) DUNNYS TEE granddaughter of the great Two Eyed Jack TWO EYED TEE (AQHA 11 Perf Pts.) x TWO EYED JACK AQHA 217 HLT, 65.5 Perf Pts.; SUP HLT, Perf ROM, AQHA Champion. AQHA HALL OF FAME *THE #1 All time leading sire of AQHA Champions GOLDEN DUNNY ZIPPIN REVIEW (AQHA 1 HLT, 1 Perf Pt; PHBA 10 HLT, PHBA 5 Western Pleasure;) IMPRESSIVE REVIEW (AQHA 92 HLT Pts.; AQHA SUP HLT '84, Top Ten World Show '84 6th 2yo, '82 4th weanling; PHBA 19 O HLT, PHBA Hall of Fame '98, PHBA World Champion) PRETTY IMPRESSIVE (Youngest stallion ever included on the AQHA leading sire list. Producer of Earners, Champions.) IMPRESSIVE Grandson of Hall of Fame Three Bars (AQHA 48 HLT Pts.; AQHA World Champion HLT, All time leading sire... numerous catagories PRETTY CHICARO (Depth Charge great granddaughter.) x CHICARO BEE PLAY (AQHA 51 HLT, 23 Perf Pts.) TAFFY SKIP (AQHA 8 Perf Pts.) SKIP A BARB (AQHA 37 HLT, 20 Perf Pts.; AQHA Champion, AQHA Perf ROM) x SKIPPER'S KING (AQHA 18 HLT; 4 Perf Points) x SKIPPER W (Grandson of the Legendary King P234 and One of the most widely known greats in AQHA history. TAFFY BLANTON (AQHA 56 HLT, 10.5 Perf Pts) x MR TUFF MCCUE (AQHA 35 HLT, 48 Perf Pts) & DIANA BLANTON (AQHA 1 Perf Pt.) BUCKEYE PINE BAR Producing mare owned by Dan McWhirter Quarterhorses in Nebreska (home of The Investor) ZIPPO PINE BAR (AQHA 33 HLT, 112 Perf. Pts.; AQHA Champion, AQHA HALL OF FAME, Perf ROM, SUP WP, High Pt Jr Western 1st place, NSBA HALL OF FAME) ZIPPO PAT BARS (SI 95, Racing ROM, NSBA HALL OF FAME, AQHA HALL OF FAME, Race $, Perf ROM) x THREE BARS AQHA HALL OF FAME DOLLIE PINE (AQHA 26 HLT, 17.5 Perf Pts.; AQHA Champion, AQHA Perf ROM) x POCO PINE (AQHA 135 HLT, 17 Perf Pts; NCHA $) x POCO BUENO (AQHA Champion) x KING BUCKEYE SKIP GAB (AQHA 17-Perf Pts.; AQHA Perf ROM) BUCKEYE 3 BARS (AQHA 30-HLT, 357-Perf Pts; Perf ROM, SUP WP & HUS, AQHA High Pt HUS 1st, WP 1st & 8th) ZEE IN SPANISH HYPP NN LEGEND CHAMPION WORLD CHAMPION AQHA SUPERHORSE HALL OF FAME ROM, COA, BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, SUPERIOR, Point Earner, Money Earner, LEADING SIRE, producer etc are noted within pedigree history. EXCELLENT BREEDING, conformation, all around versatility and agility and movement as well as a great mind- top that all off with GUARANTEED COLOR! This pedigree goes beyond the 3 generations that are on his AQHA registration papers so that an overall view of the history of performance can be grasped. The lineage within this pedigree stresses performance as well as overall versatility (AQHA, NCHA, NSBA, PHBA... Cutting, Halter, Western Pleasure, Racing etc) while incompassing speed with elegance. AND COLOR! This pedigree research is an ongoing project and is NOT COMPLETE. (King, Traveler, Peter McCue breeding.) Incomplete. Research ongoing. Photo taken 10-07-2006 "Mooney" stands 14.3 now, as a yearling (he is almost one and a half). He currently 'string tests' 16 +. Two Eyed Zipinreview - photo taken 3-23-2007 He has excellent bone for his large frame and yet still has a modern beauty about him. Home Of Two Eyed Zipin Review AQHA Perlino Quarterhorse Stallion will produce guaranteed dilute colored foals! If you are interested in getting a buckskin, palomino or smokey black... then consider breeding to this perlino. This beautiful stallion is a blessing and we thank the Lord for him! Check back for updated info on this up and coming stallion. He has an outstanding pedigree. (Intense Two Eyed Jack breeding from The Howard Pitzer Ranch in Nebraska which is known for their outstanding stallions / training and bloodline... his sire is a beautiful Pitzer branded buckskin son of Two Eyed Red Buck.) (And his dam was bred and foaled at Richland Ranch, which owned Impressive Review (and now owns Zippos Mr. Good Bar), her dam is owned by Dan McWhirter Quarterhorses, also in Nebraska. Their well known breeding program boasts such greats as The Invester, and includes Zippo Pine Bar and other famous stallions.)